2010 Yamaha/Star Lineup Unveiled

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2010 Yamaha/Star Lineup Unveiled

Post by ganahsokmo on Thu Jul 08, 2010 11:31 am

The rapid-fire introductions of new models
we’ve been accustomed to over the past decade are being curtailed, so
the streetbike news from Yamaha and its Star Motorcycles brand is fairly
thin this year.

However, there are some significant updates of Yamaha’s
well-rounded line to share, including a surely popular R1 Rossi replica
and a retuned R6, along with the introduction of a swoopy bagger from
Star Motorcycles, plus a refreshed version of the V-Star 1300 Tourer.

Star Stratoliner Deluxe
Did you know that there are three categories of touring cruisers? The
“cruiser touring” class consists of a plain windshield, saddlebags and a
passenger backrest, and it has regularly been the sales leader.
Recently, the “Full Dress” segment has moved into the top spot, but
there has also been an upsurge in the number of “casual full-dress”
cruisers, typified in the Harley-Davidson
Street Glide with its bat-wing fairing and hard bags.
The nicely
finished Stratoliner gets a Deluxe variant for 2010.

Enter the impressively sleek Stratoliner Deluxe. It’s built on the
exceptionally finished platform of Star’s Roadliner/Stratoliner,
boasting 1854cc of air-cooled V-Twin power, a stout and light aluminum
frame, and high-end fit and finish. New to the cruiser-touring
Stratoliner is the addition of a streamlined version of a bat-wing
fairing that looks perfectly integrated into the Strato’s existing
design. A clear windscreen lip tops the slanted nose, while the rear end
is defined by aerodynamic hardshell saddlebags.
If Dale
Earnhardt Sr. or Johnny Cash rode a “casual full-dress” cruiser, the
Stratoliner Deluxe might be it.

In this class of bikes, a sound
system is de rigeur, and Star does it in an innovative and
inexpensive way. Instead of a bulky and pricey head unit that includes a
radio and amplifier, Star goes the minimalist route by relying on the
iPods and MP3 players of its customers. A handlebar-mounted controller
provides easy access to your tunes via the integrated wiring.
Amplification comes from the powered speakers in the fairing.

The new Strat Deluxe will be going into battle against new
competition in its class. Along with the Street Glide and Road Glide
juggernaut, it will also be compared with Victory’s
new Cross Country

Nearly all Japanese OEMs are raising the MSRPs of their motorcycles,
so the Deluxe’s $17,490 shouldn’t be overly shocking. See it at your
local dealer in January.

V-Star 1300 Tourer
The V-Star 1300 is an underrated cruiser, with a high level of finish
and plenty of power for most riders of this type of bike. It’s likely
neglected because it straddles a market segment: not cool or powerful
enough for a high-end cruiser, and too expensive (at 10K-plus) for
budget bike. Nonetheless, there are plenty of cruising riders who would
be perfectly happy on it.

Anyway, in an effort to give the Tourer version of the 1300 a little
sizzle, Star Motorcycles has made some ergonomic and dress-up tweaks.
Taking a note from Harley’s playbook, a new seat puts its rider nearly
an inch closer to the ground, now at 27.2 inches, and a reshaped
handlebar is said to offer more comfort. A new emblem spices up the fuel
tank, and extra chrome for the headlight housing and belt guard
increase the bling.
and cosmetic tweaks for the 2010 V-Star 1300 Tourer. Available early
2010 at an $11,790 MSRP.

Galaxy Of Stars
Raider: Receives new colors, Candy Red and Liquid
Silver. Available this month for $14,190.
Raider S: New colors, too. At dealers in January
starting at $14,790.
V-Star 950: Gets three new colors this year and will
soon be at dealers. Prices start at $8,090.
V-Star 950 Tourer: Now arriving in two new colors,
starting at $9,190.

Yamaha’s Sportbike Lineup
No new models for 2010, but a few updates to existing platforms.

New noise restrictions for 2009 hurt the engine performance of
Yamaha’s brilliant track weapon, the R6. We were sad to rank it last in
our Supersport
, as it’s a thrilling ride and the most aesthetically
pleasing 600, but its top-endy motor held back its scores.
To counter that criticism, Yamaha has made five modifications to
optimize power. Inhalation is enhanced by changes to the intake funnels
and airbox, while exhaling is done through a different-sized exhaust
pipe and a muffler that is nearly 4 inches longer. A revised ECU
oversees the operation, and Yamaha says to expect stronger low- and
mid-rpm power while maintaining upper-end performance.
Available in three colors, America’s best-selling supersport will
arrive at dealers in January, retailing for $10,490.
The R6 is
available in a new Pearl White color along with Raven (black) and Team
Yamaha blue/white versions.

YZF-R1 Limited Edition
When we went to the USGP
at Laguna Seca
this year, we were overwhelmed by the sea of
Valentino Rossi paraphernalia worn by countless spectators. When
commenting on the immense popularity of Rossi, Pete mused, “I can’t
imagine anyone not liking him.”
The millions of Rossi fans out there can get their fix with a special
version of the R1. Not only sharing its crossplane crankshaft with the
Yamaha MotoGP bike, this new LE is fitted with a graphics kit that
mimics the Fiat-sponsored M1. The distinctive yellow #46 is displayed on
the nose and above the taillight, and the multi-colored “The Doctor”
name tag is applied to both sides of the windscreen. A replication of
Rossi’s signature graces the rear of the fuel tank.
This new LE shouldn’t be confused with the 2006 LE, so don’t expect
Ohlins suspension or anything other than the cosmetic add-ons.
worship is yours for $14,500 starting in January.

When we rode the FZ1 sports-roadster literbike at its
2006 press launch
, we were a little disappointed by its relative
dearth of low-end grunt compared to the torquey previous version.
Heeding our complaints, Yamaha has now given the Fizzer a fresh
algorithm of ECU mapping intended to provide stronger pull at moderate
rev levels. Throttle response is said to be improved, as is the
linearity of torque production. Get yours in January for $10,290.

Bold New Graphics is the description of changes to the rest of
Yamaha’s sport line.
The Raven
color of the FZ6R comes with gold wheels to help live out your inner
Burt Reynolds/Trans-Am fascination.

FZ6R: Introduced and
earlier this year, it can be had in a choice of four updated
colors starting at $7,390.

FJR1300: Available in January for $15,190 including
standard ABS, the FJR that impressed us in our recent Sport-Touring
now comes in a new Liquid Silver color.


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